The Arcturians

Androgynous/contain both sexes


 Name of race
 Name of Planet
 Star - Arcturus (Arcturian realm)
 Star System
 Time Line
 Current; one of the oldest races in our galaxy
 Humanoid / other
 Non physical
 4th to 11th (from physical to galactic consciousness and angelic realms)
 Telempathy, Group consciousness, star and galaxy group entities
 Breathing in light
 Main Ship design
 Fifth density light mother ship collective being
 Part of the Association
 Galactic Federation
 Art  Janosh Art

*All the information presented is a perspective, from one extension of a mentioned race and should not be taken as the ultimate truth because there is an infinite number of facets of All-That-Is and we are the ones who pick which one resonates with us*

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