The Arcturians

Androgynous/contain both sexes


 Name of race
 Name of Planet
 Star - Arcturus (Arcturian realm)
 Star System
 Time Line
 Current; one of the oldest races in our galaxy
 Humanoid / other
 Non physical
 4th to 11th (from physical to galactic consciousness and angelic realms)
 Telempathy, Group consciousness, star and galaxy group entities
 Breathing in light
 Main Ship design
 Fifth density light mother ship collective being
 Part of the Association
 Galactic Federation
 Art  Janosh Art

Arcturians are a highly evolved race who reside in all forms and densities from 4th to 11th, but we will be focusing here on the group mind or collective consciousness of the non physical Arcturians. They are one of the oldest races in our Galaxy and have been teachers and guides to many other races on their way to ascension and expansion throughout existence. They are also closely connected to Alpha Draconians, back from their early partnership of ancient races. According to Arcturians, Draconians were the first race that created (physical) form, and they were helping groups of them ascend, which is happening more and more in the Now. In turn, many entities of Draconian origin are now incarnating as Arcturians as the ultimate display of non-duality. Arcturians are offering their light strand codings to all beings who wish to advance, and the DNA strands amplify the high density consciousness and assist greatly in the process.

They have been present on Earth since the times of Lemuria, and ever since as omnipresent collective consciousness we can tune into, as the frequency of Oneness, Creativity and Unconditional Love, and as grounded members of humanity (walk-ins).

The Arcturians we speak of can project into physical form and live on a planet if they so desire. That projection would be aware of the physical reality illusion and would be treating it as logging into a game, so no limitations would be present. Arcturians from the group mind do not show themselves as physical beings to humans. They do, however. use holographic projections that depend on what the person they appear to finds most appealing. Another and mostly used form of communication with humans is through consciousness, dreams and channeling. Many humans are taken to the Arcturian ream for healing and teaching experiences. Their healing involves work with template reality of the particular person. It is  not physical, but emotional and energetic. A coding that works beyond beliefs and the mind level. Original Blueprints are sent and the person's higher self can use them for DNA activations and returning to the pure natural state, which manifests down through the greater ease of untying the knotted beliefs, which changes the thought patterns, thus then changing emotions. Finally, all of this manifests on the physical body all the way from the top levels.  The Blueprints or the Codings work on everyone differently, depending on what the individual needs to do, and what is the most beneficial way to go about it. Arcturians do not interfere in Earthly goings-on and consider actions like that an infringement upon free will and even an invasion. The only way they earn the right to interfere is to incarnate as humans and to live out through the dysfunctional patterns and amnesia of that reality and wake up from it, thus then to teach from their own experience. That being said, they don't see any entity as a victim in need of saving, but as the powerful creator of their own reality, perfectly capable of stepping up into their true Self, with which they can assist. 

Arcturians are deeply connected to Unity consciousness of The One, and their main interest is integrating duality into Oneness in the whole Galaxy. They are neutral loving observers by the virtue of their high density level, and they completely removed the idea of judgment from their consciousness. They see all beings as equal in Oneness, and do not engage in emotional extremes neither negative nor positive ones. They are open to everyone who calls upon them for help or connection.

A great way to tune into Arcturian frequencies is meditating on their mandalas. Many of them are found in crop circles, and in Janosh' art. These blueprints are multidimensional frequencies of light, information and sound. 

Arcturian Corridor 
(excerpted from Journey through the Arcturian Corridor by Jefferson Viscardi, channeled by Suzanne Lie)

"Arcturian Corridor is a tunnel of light, which serves as an inter-dimensional portal into the fifth dimension and beyond. It is because of the Corridor’s close proximity to Arcturus, and our ancient commitment to assist those on the Path of Ascension, that we have been chosen as its Guardians. Beings who wish to participate in the experience of third dimensional Earth travel through the Arcturian Corridor. Then, when they have completed their sojourn in the lower worlds, they will return to the higher dimensions through that same Corridor.

Our Corridor is that through which individuals pass when to return again to Earth for further incarnations or move out to either other solar systems and dimensions. Hence, we are the sentinels for the Corridor that serves not only as a gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth but also as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. When you wish to sojourn beyond your solar system and experience other systems, you will do so through our Corridor.
Since the re-calibration of the Corridor in 2002, more higher frequency light has been radiating onto your planet. This higher light has illuminated, and shall continue to illuminate, the hidden darkness within the core of your third dimensional reality. When the non-polarized, higher frequency light of the fifth dimension and beyond travels through our Corridor, it amplifies the space “in-between” the lightest light and the darkest dark. Once this “in-between” is illuminated, the trail between the light and dark is revealed, and the connection between the two extremes is made. In other words, the higher dimensional light beaming onto your third dimensional polarities will reveal that there is actually NO separation between them. This revelation will work to short-circuit the third dimensional matrix.
Your journey through our Corridor will assist you in your process of releasing the illusion of the polarities. It is vital that you release your attachment to polarities, for it is these polarities that create a reality based on the illusion of separation and limitation. At first, when you enter the fourth dimension, your hidden inner darkness will be brought into the light of your awareness. As you enter the fifth dimension, you will find the balance of light and dark. Then, in the sixth dimension, you will merge the light and dark by re-writing your third/fourth dimensional hologram. In the seventh dimension you will meet your Oversoul and members of your great soul family. By traveling through our Corridor, you will renew your awareness of your multidimensional nature all the way up to the seventh dimension."

Excerpted from the book Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

When passing through the Prism of Lyra, there were some beings who decided to remain in nonphysical form. These beings lovingly chose an existence of service to those of the more dense realities, such as third-density Earth. They realized that on developing physical worlds the evolving life may need assistance from other realms. This assistance would come in the form of archetypes, angels, guides, and unseen inspiration. These beings were attracted to the area of the star; Arcturus. During their initial attraction the star field in the Arcturus region was slightly different from its present manifestation, but the energy of the area remains constant. There is a gateway or crossroads in the fabric of time and space in the general area of Arcturus. These beings soon realized this gateway passed dimensionally through almost every other area inhabited from the Dimensional Infusion. It was then that they began to understand their purpose —to aid consciousness from many levels of awareness.

The Arcturan purpose is multifaceted. One idea is that they serve humanoid kind as an ideal. They represent the future self of an individual or a society. Their energy is, by its nature, a magnet that draws out positive potential and integration from the very depths of being. They reflect to Earth where it is heading in its evolution. Once humanity evolves into non-physicality, the ideal goal is to achieve a consciousness similar to that of the Arcturian mass consciousness. They recognize themselves as a group matrix, committed to the idea of the evolution of consciousness.

Very often Arcturian beings will manifest to humans as angels. It is known that one of the purposes of an angel is to serve humankind. In a very real sense, the Arcturans have a dedication to humanoid kind. They have chosen to learn about physicality through physical beings. They are etheric in nature. Their energy can be felt as a presence, a surge of creativity or unconditional love. They will manifest according to the belief system of the person with whom they are interacting. To the more traditionally religious, it will be as angels. To some of the more modern seekers, perhaps as extraterrestrials or future selves. Either way the outcome is the same —an interaction with a truly loving being devoted to the service of physical beings and thus the Whole.

Because they serve physicality they interact not only with the humanoid beings upon a planet, but also with the unseen kingdoms whose evolution is different from that of humanoids. Each planet has its own devic kingdom -- the consciousness energy of the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms — and the Arcturian energy acts as a higher aspect of a planet's devic kingdom. Again, they repeat the idea of reflecting the future evolutionary ideal.

There are a small number of Arcturians who choose to experience physicality in order to serve. Rather than entering physicality through the birth process, they choose to "walk in" an already existing body on a physical world. They do not have the need (or the "karmic compulsion," so to speak) to enter through the incarnation process. By various agreements between souls, a "trade" is established. The soul of a human who is emotionally in pain will enter the Arcturus realm for healing, and the curious Arcturian will temporarily embody upon a planet.

The primary service the Arcturians provide for physical beings is that of emotional healing. Arcturus is more of a realm than an actual place, and within the realm of Arcturus Earth souls who have had traumatic deaths (or lives) are healed and rejuvenated. Because the gateway of Arcturus connects dimensionally with Earth, all who incarnate on Earth must pass through the Arcturus realm before they reach the planet, unless they consciously choose not to. This provides a healing for those about to be born, and a strengthening of their choices and desires for the physical life about to occur.


At death the human consciousness passes through the Arcturus realm. There they are nurtured and cared for until they awaken to their greater reality. In the case of traumatic death, a great tenderness and healing is shared so that the soul about to awaken makes a smooth transition. In after-death experiences the light that is perceived at the end of a tunnel is actually a representation of the Arcturus vibration. This vibration will be translated through the perceiver's own belief system. Because Arcturus is primarily sixth density, it is often perceived as the Christ or Buddha vibration. The light can be equated with the future or higher self (Christ self) of an individual. So in a sense, during the death process one is merging with the higher self, which happens to share a frequency range nearly identical to the Arcturus realm. There healing occurs. In all of creation there is nothing that heals, nurtures, and rejuvenates the human spirit as completely as the Arcturus vibration.

Bashar's explanation of the Arcturian triad:

Q:  The question I have to ask is that you were saying that the energy that Arcturus is, or symbolizes, is on a different level of the triad that you spoke of.  I was wondering if you could articulate a little more about what you mean by that, or what level…
B:  We can simply put it briefly that your planet, our civilization, and the civilization of Sirius together combine for one consciousness, as well as the three distinct civilizations within it.  You follow me so far?
Q:  Yes.
B:  That one consciousness finds itself being one part of an overall triad, of which Arcturus is also one of the overall consciousnesses. The other third is Polaris.  Thank you.
Q:   Polaris and what else?
B:  Arcturus and the combined idea of Sirius, Essassani and Earth.
Q:  What's our name -- the combined idea?
B:  It can be generally referred to as any one of the names that represents the overall collective consciousness within each and every civilization.  So, for Sirius it would be Sistene, for us, Shakana, for you, Christ Consciousness. Sharing!  You!

(excerpted from
Journey through the Arcturian Corridor - Suzanne Lie

"The Keys of Enoch describes us as “the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of “experiments with the physical”. Keys of Enoch calls us the “Shepherding Frequency of Light,” which governs the preparation of humanity for the coming of the “Brotherhoods of Light.” Arcturus is, in fact, a focus of knowledge, a library that teaches Earthlings, and other ascending beings, how to move from one reality to another.

Our system of Boötes symbolizes the elder, the sage, the wise old man who is interested in principles and underlying causes, theories and ideologies. Hence, Boötes constellation is associated with the Hermit in the Tarot Deck. The Hermit is depicted as wearing a cloak with a hood that covers him from head to feet, except for his face and hands. Held up in his right hand is a lighted lantern, a walking stick is in his left, and a serpent is on the ground nearby.

Oswald Wirth in The Tarot of the Magicians explains that the Hermit uses his cane to tap the ground to communicate with the earth as he slowly walks his Path. Rather than kill the serpent, he casts a spell on it so that it twirls around his stick, suggesting that the Hermit does not fear the lower energies but instead, works with them. The lantern searches out, penetrates, and reveals the inner quality of things. The Hermit is the master who works on the drawing board, where he casts the exact plan of the intended construction.

Before taking form, everything pre-exists as an abstract concept, as an intention. The Hermit represents the mysterious artisan, the “drawn up plan,” and the scaffolding, which is vital before any physical construction can begin. The Hermit is capable of directing the work of others and discerning what is in embryo form in the sphere of human development. In this manner, we, the Arcturians, assist you in creating the embryo of your New Earth."

Beliefs and fears associated with Arcturians

Most of the misconceptions about Arcturian frequencies come from distorted definitions of neutrality. Humans are used to defining neutrality and non-involvement as ambivalence and boredom, which is not the case. Neutrality is a state of unconditional love, oneness, appreciation and great understanding of All-That-Is. It is a step beyond extremes like fear and excitement into peaceful knowing that all is well, which in turns opens us up to the Universe, and broadens our focus to encompass it all, instead of deciding what we want and what we don't want creating more duality in the process. Excitement is of course a key element in raising the frequency, but there are levels above that which are represented by entities of 6th density and higher. It is a release of desires, a release that comes with knowing that we are everything, thus then already have everything at our disposal. Many would judge non-involvement as disinterest but it's quite the opposite. It is stepping back seeing the bigger picture through the higher frequency, and understanding the mechanics of the Universe, how everything has its own place. The best way to tap into this is to research Zen and Dao philosophy. It is the closest representation of the neutrality state on our planet.

~Vashta Narada

*All the information presented is a perspective, from one extension of a mentioned race and should not be taken as the ultimate truth because there is an infinite number of facets of All-That-Is and we are the ones who pick which one resonates with us*

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